19 September 2014

Until Next Season - LFW

I had the pleasure of meeting Portia on Monday, a fellow photographer who's work you should definitely take a look at! I also met the lovely Zoe from  'Zoe London' along with Hannah Louise, who you'll have seen featured in a post earlier this week. 

I hope you've enjoyed my daily updates. I throughly enjoyed being able to capture everyone amidst the frenzy of Fashion Week. I loved the atmosphere at Somerset House, everyone was so vibrant which created a buzz as people dashed between shows. I am really looking forward to next season and being able to embrace the event fully. Bring on February!



  1. Really love all you LFW week posts - your photography is just gorgeous!
    Without meaning to sound obsessive - I would really love to talk cameras over coffee sometime!

    1. Thank you Alex :) So kind of you. Yes coffee would be lovely, just drop me an email to set something up.


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